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Dan P.

Dan was glad the Oncotype DX GPS score helped clarify his treatment plan

Dan was glad the Oncotype DX GPS score helped clarify his treatment plan

When Dan P., 52, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015, he was not totally surprised. He had been getting regular PSA tests since he was 45, and after several years, his result started to rise rapidly. Dan and his physician decided to get a prostate biopsy and learned that he had a 3+4 Gleason score. Based on this information, his radiation oncologist ruled out active surveillance and recommended surgery. Dan agreed with the treatment plan but was not in a rush. There were other things he wanted to prioritize, so he scheduled his surgery a few months out.

While waiting for his surgery, a physician assistant alerted Dan to the possibility of genomic testing. Having worked in healthcare for 20 years, Dan was interested in using genomic data to learn more about his cancer. His research led him to get the Oncotype DX Genomic Prostate Score (GPS) test. His GPS result came back 68, a relatively high score, and he was upstaged to a more aggressive prostate cancer

“Spurred on by this information, Dan moved his surgery date up by two months. “Prostate cancer is generally a slow growing cancer; but it can also be aggressive, as it was in my case. I became very concerned about the aggressive nature of my cancer and reality of my situation hit home.”

Dan is very grateful that his Oncotype GPS result helped pushed him to get treatment sooner. “Had I waited to have surgery as originally planned, my cancer could have progressed to an even more aggressive disease,” said Dan. “I am now fortunate to be cancer free, with a new perspective on life. And I try to help other men to better understand their treatment options.”

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Name: Dan P.
Age: 52
Year Diagnosed: 2015
GPS Score: 68