Genomic Prostate Score Stories

Dan W.

His research lead him to the Oncotype DX.

When Dan’s Oncotype DX Genomic Prostate Score (GPS) result came back, it placed him in the “very low risk” group.

“When I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer, I didn’t feel that I was offered all the possible treatment options. I decided to do my own research, which showed me that many men with low-risk prostate cancer choose immediate treatment with all of its life-altering side effects, even when it’s not likely they will benefit from aggressive treatment. I was fortunate to learn about the Oncotype DX test, which gave me the confidence to choose active surveillance.

Dan W., a 66-year-old husband, grandfather, and attorney, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in September 2013, and was presented with the choice of surgery or radiation treatment. Alarmed by the likely side effects of incontinence and impotence, Dan began his own research and became intrigued with a third option – active surveillance, or regular and close monitoring of his disease. When his physician questioned this possibility, Dan continued to search for answers – a quest that led him to the Oncotype DX prostate cancer test.

Dan then met with a radiation oncologist who was willing to recommend the new test based on his positive experience with the Oncotype DX breast cancer test. When Dan’s Oncotype DX GPS result came back, it was a 15, placing him in the “very low risk” group. As a result, Dan and his wife, Debbie, were confident about choosing active surveillance. According to Dan, “I was determined to educate myself about all of my options, and thanks to Oncotype DX, I have not lost any sleep or been worried since I received my GPS result.”

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Dan shares his story to help raise awareness that men need to gather all the facts before choosing surgery after a prostate cancer diagnosis.


Name: Dan W.
Age: 60
Year Diagnosed: 2013
GPS Score: 15