Personalizing Your Prostate Cancer Treatment Through Genomics

The Oncotype DX prostate cancer test* is based on genomic science. While genomics and genetics may sound similar, and are related, they focus on different information.  

The Oncotype DX prostate cancer test is a biopsy-based genomic test that looks at certain genes in your tumor and how they interact. This information, when used in conjunction with your Gleason Score and other considerations, can help to personalize your risk profile and aid in selecting the most appropriate treatment for you.

Genetics is the study of how inherited traits are passed from one generation to the next through genes. These traits may be characteristics like eye or hair color. A predisposition to some diseases is hereditary and can also be passed through the genes. For example, inherited changes to certain genes are involved in many cases of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, and there are tests to screen women for these genes.   Research to identify genes associated with hereditary prostate cancer is ongoing. As a result, there are no genetic tests yet available to see if men have inherited a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.  

Genomics is the study of sets of genes, how they interact in cells, and the role they play in health and disease. The Oncotype DX prostate cancer test is a genomic test. Rather than providing information about your inherited tendency to disease, it analyzes certain genes in your tumor tissue in order to understand how they interact and function. The activity of these genes can influence the behavior of your tumor, including how slowly or how rapidly your tumor is likely to grow and spread. The information provided by the Oncotype DX prostate cancer test, along with other clinical measures such as your PSA and Gleason Score, can help you and your doctor predict the behavior of your tumor and determine the most appropriate treatment options for your individual tumor.  

*Note:  A validation study has been performed on the Oncotype DX prostate cancer test for patients with early-stage prostate cancer. The Oncotype DX prostate cancer test is currently commercially available. For detailed information, please call: 855-677-6782 (855 6 PROSTATE) or visit